I was born into a music family in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. My grand father was a Carnatic classical and Bhajan singer. After my school life, I started my Tabla learning from the age of 15.

My Gurus, whome I respect and dedicate my career are -

  • Shri. Shreedharan master

    A renowned recording artist from Calicut, Kerala
  • Prof. Manohar. N. Keskar

    He is a very famous Tabla artist in Kerala, and who is a teacher in 'Tansen Sur Sangam' School of Hindustani Music, Thiruvananthapuram
  • Pt. Ramesh Narayan

    He is the diciple of Pandit Jasrajji, and a renowned Hindustani Vocalist and Music Director.
  • Ustad Allarakha Khan Saheb


For the last 23 years, I am getting opportunities in accompanying and performing with popular Hindustani artists in India and abroad.

I had the great opportunity to accompany -

  • Sangeeth Marthand Pandit Jasrajji.

  • Pandit Vinayak Torviji

  • Pandit Ramesh Narayan

  • Dr. Vikas Kashalkar

  • Pandit Gavrav Mazumdar

  • Pandit Alokedas Gupta

  • Pandit Ratanmohan Sharma

  • Smt. Shakuntala Narasimha

  • Dr. Janardhanan

  • Shri. Hemang Mehta

  • Shri. Subramaniam

  • Lalitha Sharma

  • Shri. Haridas

  • Smt. Sunitha Rao

In addition to this, I also perform solo concerts in and outside Kerala.